Rob Guillory is an Eisner Award-winning American comic book artist. Born, raised and currently based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Guillory is most known for his eight-year run on Image Comics’ CHEW. The book went on to achieve much success, winning two Harvey Awards (including Best New Talent for Guillory), two Eisner Awards, as well as being translated into a dozen languages. Guillory is currently writer/artist on his hit creator-owned series FARMHAND from Image Comics, which is in development for television at AMC Studios.

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The Process
Because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are owned by Nickelodeon, all variant concepts must be sent to them from approval. First though, Rob had to sketch out his idea for our cover and show it to us. When he did we were instantly in love with it. So we shot it off to IDW and Nickelodeon for approval and got a pretty quick thumbs up with no requests for changes.

Next Rob began the painstaking process of completing the pencils and inking it. At the end of the inking process the cover had to be scanned in to be digitally colored by John Rauch. What you see in the finished product is actually the first iteration in that process. No matter how it was tweaked, nothing felt like it held up to that first try.

Our Thoughts
Rob is probably one of the easiest going people in the comics industry. He's all the things you'd want out of someone you work with. He's sincere, enthusiastic, flexible and deadline driven. There was no doubt that Rob was who we wanted to work with for the first offering of Cover Alpha Comics.

TMNT #100 is the 4th project Rob has worked on with Steve and the first with Keith and our new venture, Cover Alpha Comics. Prior to this collaboration we'd worked together on a convention exclusive print, a limited edition version of Rob's fantastic art book and a Big Easy Comics exclusive for Farmhand #1. 

In the gallery below you'll find a handful of the projects Rob has worked on with publishers and retailers and a number of pieces of Rob's original art from Steve's collection.