Wholesale Program

Cover Alpha Comics does have a Retailer Wholesale Program.  We developed this program to give local comic shops the chance to offer these items directly to their customer base.  We have a specific Terms of Sale for these relationships, and it is required that you agree to these terms and uphold them to receive product.

If you would like more information, or to join our program, please e-mail wholesale@coveralpha.com, and we will respond with full details.


Retailer Terms of Sale (Updated 12/5/19)

1. Retail Packs are available to verified brick and mortar comic retailers and are intended for in-store sales to your local customer base. Retailers may purchase a maximum of two retailer packs per release. Retail Packs will contain a quantity and ratio of covers determined by Cover Alpha that is specific to each release and will be disclosed to retailers prior to sale.

2. Verified retailers will receive a 50% discount from MSRP. Retailers based in the United States will receive free shipping. International shipping will be determined on an individual basis.

3. Participating retailers may charge any price they wish but may not advertise a price (in any form) below Cover Alpha’s MSRP until such time that Cover Alpha notifies retailers that the minimum advertised price (MAP) for a release has been lifted. This includes but is not limited to: Telling customers to inquire about a price, having them “place item in cart” to see a price or having a 3rd party post on your behalf. Retailers may not advertise Cover Alpha variants in sales while the MAP is in place.

4. Retailers may not advertise a pre-sale of Cover Alpha variants for purchase online and may not sell Cover Alpha variants online during the Online Blackout Period. You may advertise copies you pre-order to your local customer base at MSRP.

5. Online Blackout Period: The blackout period is in full effect until 30 days AFTER the release of the comic for sale to the general public. For example, if a variant has an on-sale date of December 11th, participating retailers may sell remaining copies online at full MSRP beginning January 10th. After the end of the blackout period retailers may only sell Cover Alpha products online via means that clearly identifies the seller. For example: Retailers that use eBay as a means to sell product online must be publicly identifiable on the platform as the business named in the application.

6. Retailers may not resell Cover Alpha products to any business or knowingly to any individual who is not the end consumer of the product.

7. Violation of our terms of sale will result in the immediate termination of your relationship with Cover Alpha Comics.